TV boxes are dead, we just don’t know it: Xfinity Update

Comcast has released more concrete details on its bid to join the parade of small, bundled TV packages targeted for millennials.
Xfinity Instant TV is projected for release in the later half of the year. They are still testing prices, but it sounds like they're shooting for the $15 a month range according to Variety.

At first that sounds high, until looking at what others are doing.

The Sling skinny bundle starts at $20/month with Sling Orange with 30 channels and $25/month for Sling blue with 40+ channels with a few channel overlaps. Add-on packages ranging from $5 for kids bundle to $15 for HBO.

As a baseline, DirectTV Now offers 60+ Live Channels at $35/month with HBO and Cinemax add-on for $5 each, and Starz add-on for 8$. There are of course discounted bundle options for Internet and phone bundled together.

HBO Now comes in at $14.99/month. (This is also how much you would pay to get HBO through its prime account)

HBO seems to be the most responsive by finding a way to get their content on whatever platform is out there. I'm curious what's different with HBO through Sling as a $5/month add-on.

Coupled with Amazon's distribution moves and the fact that Apple is no longer going to be making any devices that don't support apps, media business is going to be about who can get their product on multiple platforms or create a self contained ecosystem like we looked at last time.

TV cable boxes will become simply an internet router with the ability to "airplay" from any device.

What would you be willing to pay for?


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